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    Referral Programme “Terms & Conditions”

    By referring a candidate’s details in response to Candidate Referral Program (“Program”), you are deemed to accept the following terms and conditions:

    1. This Program commences on 1 November 2018, and ends on 31 October 2019 (“End Date”).
    2. This Program is only open to persons over 18 years of age
    3. If you successfully refer a candidate under this Program in compliance with theseterms and conditions, you will receive your rewards by the role.
    4. You will only be eligible for the rewards if all of the following requirements aresatisfied:
      • your referred candidate is placed by MTS
      • your referred candidate that is subsequently placed by MTS completes theirprobationary period;
      • all details of the referral form have been completed and submitted by you toMTS;
      • your referred candidate is not a candidate already on MTS’s database at thedate of your referral; and

    f your referred candidate is referred to Hudson before the End Date.

    1. The rewards is not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.
    2. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make under this Program.
    3. A candidate can only be referred once to MTS under this Program. If a candidate isreferred by two or more people, only the first person to refer the candidate to the MTS will be eligible for the rewards subject to all other terms and conditions being met, including but not limited to requirements under clause 4 above.
    4. It is your responsibility to claim the rewards within 3 months after the referred candidate’s probationary period. A MTS representative will send you the redemption form if you are eligible to claim the reward before the End Date. If you fail to complete and submit the redemption form before the End Date, you will not be eligible for the rewards.
    5. MTS reserves the right to verify the validity of referrals made and reserves the right to disqualify any person who tampers with the process or does not submit a referral in accordance with these terms and conditions.

    ⼴广州推荐计划 - 条款细则

    向翰德求职者推荐计划 (以下简称「计划」)提供求职者信息则视为您已接受以下条款和 条件:

    1. 本计划始于2016年年12⽉月1⽇日,并于2017年年3⽉月31⽇日(「截⽌止⽇日期」)结束。
    2. 本计划仅向年年满18岁且在中国居住和定居⼈人⼠士开放。翰德或其相关实体的员⼯工不不在此列列。
    3. 根据本计划,按这些条款和条件成功推荐求职者后,您将获得价值2500元⼈人⺠民币的购物券。如果翰德由于不不可控的原因⽆无法提供购物券,作为代替,您将获得等价礼品(「推荐礼品」)。
    4. 获得「推荐礼品」需满⾜足以下条件:
      • 翰德为您推荐的求职者找到在⼴广州的⻓长期職位;
      • 在以,您所推荐的求职者,随后由翰德成功转介⼯工作,在⾃自您向翰德提交求职者信息之⽇日起的12个⽉月内通过试⽤用期;
      • 您已完整填写求职者表格上的所有资料料并提交翰德;
      • 在根据本计划向翰德提供该求职者个⼈人资料料前已征得该求职者同意;
      • 该推荐时求职者尚未录⼊入翰德数据库;且
      • 在截⽌止⽇日期之前向翰德推荐求职者。
    5. 「推荐礼品」不不得转让、兑换或折现。
    6. 向本计划推荐求职者的⼈人数不不限。
    7. 根据本计划向翰德推荐求职者时,⼀一名求职者只能推荐⼀一次。如果⼀一名求职者有两个或两个以上的⼈人推荐,则仅第⼀一个推荐该求职者且符合其他所有条款和条件(包括但不不限于上述第4条的要求)的⼈人可以获得「推荐礼品」。
    8. 要获得「推荐礼品」,您必须⾃自⾏行行在截⽌止⽇日期前填写「推荐⼈人礼品申领表」(皆时将有翰德专⼈人发出表格)。逾期将会失去获得「推荐礼品」的资格。
    9. 翰德保留留核实被推荐⼈人有效性的权利利,并保留留取消⼲干预此过程或未按这些条款和条件提交被推荐⼈人信息者资格的权利利。