Training and Consulting

MTS offers integrated consulting and training services to our global and local clients to address all aspects of human capital development needs. We believe that most individuals desire to do and give of their best, hence, they deserve to get the best training to bring out their potential. More than competency-based, performance-based approaches, our programs are heartware-based. We design, develop and deliver training courses.

Training and Consulting

To excel in an increasingly competitive and knowledge-driven business world, companies need to foster a continuous learning culture within their organizations and develop their people.

MTS offers a portfolio of training products and services, which include in-house consulting services that cater to the varied requirements of the business community. In addition to training workshops, we offer customized courseware and training system to suit an industry’s or organization’s specific training and development needs.

Our curriculum is designed to focus on developing human capital to achieve higher productivity, business performance and fulfillment for individuals and organizations. Unique approaches and experimental learning concepts are supplemented with exercises, discussions, role plays and case studies that help in transferring learning back to work.

Some of our customized training programmes include:

Professional Development
  • Professional Grooming & Corporate Success
  • The Art of Effective Communication
  • Career Development and Planning
  • Business Etiquette Skills
  • Excellent Presentation Skills


Leadership Development
  • Team Building and Management
  • Transition to Management
  • Train the Trainer
  • Effective Leadership
  • Conflict Management
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving


Customer Service
  • Service Training System
  • Train the Trainer
  • Delivering the WOW Customer Service Experience

The rapid changes in today’s business environment necessitate a need to continuously train, develop and retain talents. Highly trained and developed human resources give an organization a competitive edge. MTS works with credible partners to offer a range of training products, DISC certification and hiring solutions to equip and support human resource professionals, trainers, coaches and consultants with that tools and resources for their organization’s hiring, training and development needs.

In this series of workshops, the concept of Word Juxtapoz® is used to present learning principles that describe the fundamentals of a given topic to help an individual discover and remember a particular MENTAL application.

FUNdaMENTALS workshops

FUNdaMENTALS of… Communication, Customer Service, Selling Skills, Supervision, Self DISCovery, A Winning Team, A Winning Attitude, A Win-Win Conflict, Leadership… and more customized FUNdaMENTALS.

Coaching Training and Services

Many organizations, HR professionals and leaders have identified coaching as a critical leadership and management competency. It promotes creativity, breakthrough performance and resilience, giving organizations a competitive edge and an effective way to flow and operate within a continuous changing environment. MTS offers a comprehensive range of coaching workshops and corporate development programs. In addition, we have a team of experienced corporate, executive and life coaches with strong backgrounds to support organizations in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Coaching Workshops

The Coaching Clinic
The Coach Approach and Professional Foundations for Managers

Coaching Services

Business Coaching
Personal Coaching
Team Coaching
Coaching for Change

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategic Leadership Development

Through our extensive network of professional and business coaches in different parts of Asia, we band together as a global coaching team capitalizing and building on the diverse cultural backgrounds, expertise and resources of each individual coach to deliver seamless and tangible coaching services for clients wherever they are located in Asia. Connect with the right Coach today and begin paving your organization’s path of success.